Baila Student
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About Me
My name is Baila Student.

My Story

Our children’s after school program, Baila, provides classes to children who are underserved and under resourced. Ballet, Mexican Folklore, Kung fu, Music Classes, Robotix, Soccer League, and now our newest partnership with the Special Olympics provide a safe place for all of our students to grow, learn, and develop their passions in their own language. Some of our Baila students take these classes as a part of their healing journey from Domestic Violence or sexual abuse or assault.

The Baila Program helps many students in the Hispanic community. The program costs $40 per month per student. You can sponsor a student for 1 month or monthly here. 

For privacy reasons we do not have specific students pictured or profiled especially for minors however your sponsorship will go to the students who needs it the most. In addition if you know of a specific student personally you may do a sponsorship and then contact us at and let us know who to apply the funds to.